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BAMBOO SHADOWS: The provocative debut CD from Brazilian-born and internationally acclaimed artist, composer and producer Mario Vaz De Mello.

"De Mello's tasty production is full of atmospheric moments and
haunting chord progressions."

---- KEYBOARD Magazine

"For lack of a better word -- super!"
---- MP3.COM

"Definitely something new..."
---- Top Picks

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Independent Music VMA Records: Update: I consider Mario Vaz De Mello a genius. His musical mind has no boundaries... Grammy nominee singer - songwriter Bebel Gilberto. Brazilian-born artist, composer, producer Mario Vaz De Mello debut CD, BAMBOO SHADOWS, is hitting music charts around age world. Currently artist age was already spotted as #1 in the US, France , Italia and Australia, online charts. With his debut album, Vaz De Mello -- who nowadays resides in New York City -- establishes himself as one of the most innovative artists to have stepped into the world of make electronic - Mario Vaz De Mello / BAMBOO SHADOWS : it is movie soundtrack dance asian music for films, create musica electronica, easy listening new age: buy music for films electronic nusic shadow. 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New release: Inevitable, the new CD by the Brazilian musician, composer, arranger and producer. New Age downloads.

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